ALL Net is an NGO specializing in support of projects overseas

♣Our philosophy

We aim to support people in unfavorable situation on the earth by developing various infrastructures that contribute to improving their lives (we call this the lifeline),and to be able to overcome environmental destruction and improve their lives independently.

♣Our action principles

We work with NGOs and local governments that best understand the needs of the recipient country and work with projects they lead.

We will provide technical guidance, human resource development, and organizational strengthening in the recipient country according to the project phase in order to ensure business continuity.

To maximize our effectiveness we combine a lot of experience of ALL Net's unique human resources (universities / research institutes, consultants, manufacturers, trading companies, retired persons with profound knowledge, etc.) with the passion of young volunteers.

We conduct policy dialogues with the Japanese government and submit recommendations,  contribute to collaboration and cooperation on ODA.

Our scope of activities is centered on Asia, which is close to Japan, while also seeking for activities in  Central America and the Middle East.


Takuo Kidokoro
Takuo Kidokoro

Welcome to ALL Net (Nonprofit Organization All Life Line Net). 



ALL Net is an international NGO that works with the philosophy of contributing to improving the lives of people around the world. For 14 years since its establishment, we have been providing support activities mainly in developing countries in Asia.


I have been very interested in NGO activities since I used to be working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and  I have been appointed as the president of ALL Net since 2012.


ALL Net has been conducting support activities in many countries. In particular for the support to Mongolia, Indonesia and Thailand, we have achieved results by actively utilizing the “Grant Aid for Japanese NGO's Projects”  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Here are some of our support activities, taking the example of Mongolia, which we are currently focusing on. Needless to say, education is the most basic lifeline for national development. Mongolia is now trying to change the country's industrial structure, and to that end, it is beginning to focus on Secondary Science Education with the aim of improving the scientific knowledge and technical level of the entire population. When ALL Net proposed  "Science Education trough Craftsmanship (Monozukuri) " to the Mongolian government in 2010, it was greeted with great expectations, and the project is now in the second phase and education guidance is progressing. When I visited Mongolia last year, I was grateful to have received the gratitude from the Mongolian government officials for saying that  "ALL Net was the only organization that proposed such important educational support".


The results of our activities are evaluated as successful after the people supported by us found the prospect of becoming independent. I think this is a very rewarding activity that requires a long and steady effort.


People's living environment is changing rapidly. NGOs need a flexible attitude to respond to changing needs. It is not a product-out approach that is targeting on certain area to be supported but a market-in approach of how to meet the needs that have been sought since ALL Net was established. I feel that the role of ALL Net does not change and far from it is becoming more and more important, no matter what the environment changes. ALL Net can flexibly respond to environmental changes and challenge the problems..


We will welcome new members who enhance and support us. ALL Net will continue activities to seek for the realization of a better world supported by  many people and by strengthening cooperation with many organizations that are eager to contribute overseas projects. 


Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your understanding and support for ALL Net's activities.



President Takuo Kidokoro


Corporate name   

All Life Line Net-NGO (abbr.: ALL Net)

Articles of association

Date of establishment

Dec. 2004



Itsuo Building 4F

3-7-2 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-OO54


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Fiscal year

From Apr.1 to Mar.31

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Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)



  Takuo Kidokoro: President

     Joji Watanabe: Acting President

  Kenji Kurahara

  Kazunori Horiguchi

  Michitaka Yamaguchi

     Newman Erick


Auditor:  Mitsuo Sato


Senior advisor(life Time)  Takaya Suto  

Advisor:  Katsuhiro Shinohara

                 Kesao Shinohara