News 2018

◆2018 3rd Board of Directors and Extraordinary General Meeting  : 26th Nov.

◆Donation of  hand-made science teaching materials to 20 selected middle and high schools in Mongolia : 15th Nov.

◆Inspection tour for Mongolian nursing care workers  (5th)  : 12-18th Oct.

Inspection tour for Mongolian Agriculture : 4-7th Sept.

◆2018 2nd Board of Directors and General Meeting  : 20th Aug.

◆Exhibit at the Fair to  support employment Foreign Care Worker  on behalf of the "Mongolian Care Workers Delivery Association ''  : 26th July.

◆Co-hosted Yoga Day event in Bali, Indonesia :17-19th June
     [Japan-Indonesia Women's Workshop for Sharing Health Maintenance Methods with a Focus on Seaweed and Yoga]

◆General Meeting 2017 and 2018 1st Board Meeting : 21th May

◆Takuo Kidokoro (President) is appointed as an advisor to the Mongolian National Science and Technology Fund  : 15th May

◆Inspection tour for Mongolian nursing care workers  (4th)  : 11-18th Apr.

◆Established a liaison office in Maihama  : 3rd Apr.

◆Takuo Kidokoro (President) received the title of Professor Emeritus from the National University of Education, Mongolia : Feb.