♣Basic information

◆ Area : 1,566,500
◆ Population : 3 million
Capital : Ulaanbaatar
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♣Ongoing business

Nursing care human resource development business

Due to the aging of the population and shortage of domestic nursing staff in Japan recruitment of foreigners has been active, so far mainly from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.


Because of small population, Mongolia has not attracted much attention until now. However, as a result of the survey, it is considered very promising, so we have established as a associate company " Bolom Co. Ltd" to conduct a training support project for caregivers from Mongolia ( April 1, 2019).


ALL Net is the representative organization of the Mongolian Care Staff Delivery Association.

Mongolian Care Staff Delivery Association

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Secondary science education support (manufacturing) business

◆ From 2010: We supported the introduction of practical “manufacturing” science education in line with the secondary science education for industrial structural reform (improvement of technological capabilities) in Mongolia

◆ In 2010: Implemented a pilot project in collaboration with the Mongolian State University of Education

◆ From 2010: Continuing projects under the Grant Aid for Japanese NGOs by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

2010-2015 Secondary Science Education Quality Improvement Project,  1-3 Term

2017-2022 Secondary Science Materials Development Support Project  1-3 Term


A donation ceremony was held for the 3rd term of the project to support the development of secondary science teaching materials.(February 26, 2021)


Mr. Tsukauchi, a member who contributed to the Mongolian Project, submitted a report for presentation on the contents of “Secondary Science Education support” to the Physical Society of Japan (JPS). Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the 75th General Meeting scheduled in March 2020 for presentation was canceled but the paper was officially accepted by JPS.  

At the opening ceremony of the Japan Mongolian Educational Hospital Association, Takuo Kidokoro (President ) and Hidefumi Ichikawa (Secretary-General) were awarded the Diamond Medal by the National Medical University of Mongolia and the title of Honorary Professor (June 16-17, 2019).   Click here for details

Bolom Co., Ltd. to introduce Mongolian care personnel (April 1 ,2019)

Takuo Kidokoro (President) was awarded the testimonial from Tsugotobaatar (the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia) for his great contribution to science education in Mongolia (Feb. , 2019)

Donated hand-made science materials to 20 selected middle and high schools (Nov. 25, 2018)

Mongolian nursing care personnel inspection tour (5th) (Oct.12-18, 2018)

Mongolia agricultural inspection tour (Sept. 4-7, 2018)

Exhibited at the Caregivers Foreign Employment Support Fair on behalf of the “Mongolian Care Staff Delivery Association” (July 26, 2018)

Takuo Kidokoro (President) was appointed as the first foreign advisor of the Mongolian National Science and Technology Fund, which promotes the development of science and technology in Mongolia (May 15, 2018)

Mongolian nursing care personnel inspection tour (5th) (Apr. 11-18, 2018)

Takuo Kidokoro (President) was appointed Emeritus Professor of Mongolian National University of Education in recognition of his great contribution to science education in Mongolia (Feb. , 2018)