News 2019

◆ALL Net arranged the agreement between Mongolian National University of Medical Science and Glory Co., Ltd. on the development and promotion of the medical field in Mongolia :   22nd Nov.

◆2019 2nd Board Meeting  : 20th Aug.

◆Awarded the honorary professor's title from the National Medical University of Mongolia to Takuo Kidokoro (President) and Hidehumi Ichikawa (Secretary General) : 17th June

◆2018 General Meeting , FY 2018 5th Board Meeting and FY 2019 1st Board Meeting : 25th May

◆Renewal of Home Page : 11th Mar.

◆Participated in the “Japan NGO Partnership Grant and NGO Project Subsidy Briefing Meeting” organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs : 2nd Apr

◆Attendance at Small Group Meeting of "Heisei Project" / Overseas Support : 8th Mar.

◆A commendation by the Foreign Minister of Mongolia to Takuo Kidokoro(President) : 4th Feb.

◆2018 4th Board Meeting and New Year Party  : 21st Jan.

◆Takuo Kidokoro(President) published the book “Employment and utilization of foreigners”  : 1st Jan.