Introducing ALL Net's activities

♣Activity field

Human resource development

For developing countries, a promising youth education environment is an extremely important lifeline in order to advance industrial structural reforms to improve people's lives.


ALL Net creates projects that can be supported in consultation with respective government officials.
Mongolian secondary science education (ongoing)
Mongolian care human resource development (ongoing)
◆ In many countries, donating stationery, teaching materials, books, etc. to children in disadvantaged areas

ETHNIC Minority support

There are so many minorities living in countries around the world. They are subject to various types of discrimination from the majority in the country, and are generally placed in poor living environments, and need to reach out for improving their lives.

ALL Net currently supports the following minorities:
Thailand mountainous ethnic minorities (ongoing)
◆ Honduran minority (completed)


needy fishermen support

In countries undergoing rapid economic development, the economic disparity among residents is rapidly widening. The fishermen around the tourist area are no exception, especially needy fishermen with weak economic bases, which are gradually being caught up in an environment worsening due to distortions in economic development.

ALL Net conducts activities focusing on improving the lives of fishermen in Southeast Asia.
Indonesian needy fishermen (ongoing)
◆ Myanmar needy fishermen (under consideration)


Marine plastic waste recycling support

Under planning

New Themes

Your ideas are most welcome..

YOUR ProposalS of mutual cooperation activities

The mutual cooperation between NPOs should dramatically increase to overcome problems..
ALL Net is open-minded and ready to work with various NPOs.

We look forward to your suggestions for collaborative activities.

♣Activity area

Currently, we are active mainly in Asia close to Japan, but our scope has been expanded to the Middle East and Central America.
Of the 13 countries with proven track records, the countries with detailed project introduction articles are the three countries marked with *.

East Asia

Middle East

Central America