♣Basic Information

◆Republic of Indonesia

◆Area : 1,919,440

◆Population :  260 million

◆Capital : Jakarta



♣Planned business

Marine plastic waste recycling business

We are currently considering a marine plastic waste recycling support project in Indonesia.

♣Ongoing Projects

needy fishermen life improvement support project

Eutheuma murictum
Eutheuma murictum

◆ A project that provides guidance on "Eucheuma muricatum"  (seaweeds) and its utilization to support the improvement of the lives of poor fishermen who are struggling due to economic development.
◆ Since 2010, a pilot project has been implemented on Serangan Island (part of Bali) in central Indonesia.
◆ Since 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' “Japan NGO Cooperation Grant Aid” system has been used to continue the project for poor fishermen in Sumbawa Island.
[SULF 1-3] 2012-2015
[ELWIS] 2016-2017
[HEWIS] 2017-2018

◆ Continue following from 2019

♣Completed business


Support for batik training

For mothers and children in Imogiri affected by the earthquake


Textbook presentation

For children in Banda Aceh affected by the offshore Sumatra earthquake 


Co-sponsored Yoga Day event  (June 17-19, 2018)
[Japan-Indonesia Women's Workshop for Sharing Health Maintenance Methods with a Focus on Seaweed and Yoga] was co-sponsored with other organizations in Bali.  Click here for details