Executive profile

Note: The company name is the current name (for example, change of company name due to business integration).

Takuo Kidokoro


◆ Born in Kanagawa Pref.
◆ Former Ambassador of Japan in Mongolia

     Visiting professor at St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Economics,

     Advisor to the President of National University of Mongolia,      

     Visiting Professor at National Medical University of Mongolia,
     Previously serving as an advisor professor at the National University of Science and Technology
◆ Currently an advisor to the Mongolian National Science and Technology Fund,

     Professor Emeritus of the National University of Education, Mongolia
◆ Honorary Economics PhD, Mongolian National University
◆ Received the Medal of Altangadas (Arctic Star) from Mongolia and the Diamond Medal from the National Medical University of Mongolia

The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2020
◆ President in 2012

Joji Watanabe

Acting President

Born in Mie Pref.
◆ Seibu Oil Co., Ltd., Engineering consulting firms Association, Asia Advisory Service Co., Ltd.
◆ Currently  Director of Across Consultants Co., Ltd.
◆ Auditor in 2014

     Director in 2018

     Acting President in 2020

Kenji Kurahara


◆ Born in Kumamoto Pref.
◆ IHI Corporation
◆ Small and Medium sized Enterprise Consultant (SMEC)
◆ Director in 2016
     Vice President in 2017

Michitaka Yamaguchi


◆ Born in Kanagawa Pref.

    Urban Research consultant (AUR), Japan Lay Missionary Movement (JLMM), Asian Partnership for Human Deveropment (APHD),

     International Cooperation Committee Catholic Missionary Secretary General, Asia Human Development Bureau (APHD, Director) ,

     Alliance of friends for Medical -Care in East Timor (AFMET), etc.
◆ Currently President of ANNIE FUND and Vice President of East Timor Medical Friendship Association (AFMET)
◆ Director in 2010

kazunori Horiguchi


◆ Born in Gunma Pref.
International Development Center Co., Ltd. ,
     Lecturer of Tokyo University of Agriculture, etc.

◆ Currently Chairman of Access Co., ltd.
◆ Director in 2018

Mitsuo Sato



◆Born in Tokyo

◆Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Unico International Corporation, International Development Associations,Ltd.

◆Auditor in 2018

Takaya Suto

Senior advisor

◆ Born in Saitama Pref.
◆ Former Middle East Africa Director, Ambassador of Japan in Denmark, Ambassador of Japan in Iran, Ambassador of Japan in Egypt,
     Director of the Center for Disarmament and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Japan Ambassador for the United Nations Reform Area, etc.
The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star in 2015
◆ President in 2005
     Senior advisor in 2010

Katsuhiro Shinohara


◆ Born in Tokyo
◆ Former Ambassador of Japan in Cambodia
◆ Currently Vice President of CIESF
◆ President in 2010
     Advisor in 2012

Kesao Shinohara


◆ Currently President of Shinohara Group
Advisor in 2021